Monday, August 4, 2014

For me framing matters... a lot!

Evil Queen cel prior to custom framing.

Evil Queen cel after custom framing.

When I purchased the Evil Queen cel it was framed in a narrow gold frame and measured 18 3/4" x 17".  It was a nice frame, but it did not capture the drama or power of the character.  I kept the mats but added a black suede top mat with much wider margins, a black and gold wooden frame, and changed the glass to UV conservation clear.  The new framed size is 30" x 26 1/4"and hangs on yellow wall in the living room.

In both dealing and collecting animation, well over 90% of the frames that I see on cels and drawings  are, in my opinion, crap.  A key set-up from "Snow White" can be in a cheap metal frame, some acid paper mats, and a piece of scratched up plexiglass.  I just don't see how the owner could ever enjoy that work of art on his or her wall?  I feel sure that not everyone will like the large scale framed works, however in the Gallery we have found that once collectors see them in person; they want to change their collection over.  When the Gallery showed at an Animation Art Fair in Baltimore MD many years ago, we did very well and our most expensive sale was because of our unique framing.  In the end, some may not want to go to the expense of higher end framing; but those that can and chose to do it; never look back!