Monday, September 22, 2014

Prince John and Sir Hiss Production Cels from "Robin Hood," 1973

Original hand painted production cels of Prince John and Sir Hiss set on a lithographic copy of the key production background from "Robin Hood," 1973

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"Robin Hood," 1973 was the first Walt Disney animated film that I remember seeing in the theatre.  I was six years old, and in fact it was my first memory of going to the movies.  I remember that the whole experience was just wonderful, from the popcorn, drink, and junior mints; to sitting in the huge theatre with my Mom waiting for the lights to dim.  The scene in the movie that I most remember is when Prince John was counting gold coins and then viewing himself, wearing the King's crown, in the mirror held by Sir Hiss.

Prince John was voiced by the great and deep voiced Peter Ustinov, Sir Hiss by Terry-Thomas (who's hissing speech was masterful), and both were animated by Ollie Johnston.  The on-screen presence of the two together is just wonderful and Johnston's animation skills, at this point, are top notch!  The personalities are different and distinct, as are the ways the two different characters move and interact.

In the cel set-up above, Prince John is jubilant over taxes:

Prince John:  "Taxes!  Taxes!  Beautiful, lovely taxes!  Ah-hah!  Ah-hah!"
Hiss:  "Sire, you have an absolute skill for encouraging contributions from the poor." [chuckles]
Prince John:  "To coin a phrase, my dear counselor, rob the poor to give the rich."

Framed production cels of Prince John and Sir Hiss from "Robin Hood," 1973

To view these cels in the film, click on the short video below: