Monday, October 27, 2014

Coachman drawing from "Pinocchio," 1940 - "I'm collecting stupid little boys."

Original production drawing of the Coachman from "Pinocchio," 1940

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The Coachman is possibly the most evil of all the Disney villains.  Unlike other villains who do not escape an ill fate: such as the Evil Queen who is struck by lighting, falls off a cliff, and is smashed by a falling bolder or Maleficent who is impaled by the Sword of Truth hurled by Prince Phillip; the Coachman has no such luck, and continues his purchase of stupid boys for their eventual conversion into donkeys that are then sold for gold.  

The Coachman was voiced by Charles Judels who also provided the voice for another villain in Pinocchio, Stromboli.  Everything surrounding the Coachman seems foreboding; from his long whip and his stagecoach used to transport the boys to Pleasure Island, to his henchman that appear to be dark featureless creatures carrying out his will.

This is a spectacular drawing of the Coachman from his first scene in "Pinocchio" which occurs at the The Red Lobster Inn where he meets with Honest John (Foulfellow) and Gideon.  All three are seen smoking, Honest John and Gideon both have cigars and The Coachman has a pipe.   The Coachman states the he is "collecting stupid little boys" to take to Pleasure Island where they can "tear the place apart" and that "they never come back... as boys!"  This drawing is wonderful because of the extra elements; it has the table top and the sack of gold coins drawn in the image, as well as an eyes and mouth open Coachman holding his pipe.

Framed Coachman drawing

To see the cel made from this drawing in the film, just click on the short video below: