Friday, July 31, 2015

Original Production Drawing of Goofy from "Tugboat Mickey," 1940

Original production drawing of Goofy from "Tugboat Mickey," 1940; Red, green, blue, and graphite pencil on peg hole paper; Numbered 23 with animation ladder lower right; Size - Goofy: 5 1/2 x 8 1/4", Sheet 10 x 12"; Unframed.

Goofy, one of the greatest Disney characters ever, was created in 1932 and debuted in "Mickey's Revue," originally imagined as Dippy Dawg. Later the same year, he was redesigned as a much younger dog, renamed Goofy, and appeared in "The Whoopee Party." During the 1930s he was used extensively as part of a comedy trio with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. Goofy's breakout was in 1939, when he was given his own series of shorts that became very popular; and his starring roles continued into the 1940s and early '50s.

Close up of the Goofy production drawing.

The story of "Tugboat Mickey" is that Mickey is the Captain of a tugboat, along with Donald and Goofy as crew members. Suddenly Mickey receives a distress signal from a sinking ship, calls the crew, and has them begin to fire up the tugboat engine. As Donald struggles with the connecting rod of one of the pistons, Goofy accidentally overloads the furnace of the ships steam engine that causes a catastrophic explosion. As Mickey and his crew are floating in the water surrounded by the remains of their tugboat, they learn that the distress signal they heard was only part of a broadcast radio drama. The voice cast for "Tugboat Mickey" includes Walt Disney as Mickey Mouse, Clarence Nash as Donald Duck, and Pinto Colvig as Goofy.

Close up of the production ladder and production number.

This is a wonderful full figure, eyes open, and large drawing of Goofy; as he is shoveling coal into the furnace of Mickey's tugboat furnace engine. The drawing is rendered in red, blue, green, and graphite pencils and the image of Goofy is an impressive 5 1/2 x 8 1/4". The production number along with the animation ladder are in the bottom right corner.