Sunday, December 20, 2015

Original Production Animation Cel of Ratigan From "The Great Mouse Detective," 1986

Original hand painted production cel of Professor Ratigan from "The Great Mouse Detective," 1986; Numbered C 47 and Walt Disney seal lower right; Size - Ratigan with Curtain: 9" x 8 1/4"; Cel 12 1/2" x 15 1/2", Mats 16 1/2 x 19"; Double Matted.

It took Disney way too long to finally cast veteran actor Vincent Price, known for his roles in horror films, in the role of the villain Ratigan. Price had such a distinctive voice that had been used for so many horror and thrilling roles, so the casting just seemed to be overdue. Ratigan was a character created by Eve Titus in a series of stories about Basil of Baker Street; a mouse that lived next door to Sherlock Holmes and who shared many of his skills and traits. Ratigan was a takeoff of Moriarty, Sherlock Holmes nemesis, and the character was brought to life by veteran Disney animator Glen Keane.

Full cel of Ratigan showing the Walt Disney Seal and production number.

Close up of the Walt Disney seal, copyright Walt Disney Company stamp, and the production number.

Double matted original production animation cel of Ratigan.

This cel is from a great scene in the film. The evil Professor Ratigan kidnaps a toymaker Hiram Flaversham and commands him to create a robot copy of the Mouse Queen so Ratigan can rule England. In the climatic ending of the film, at Buckingham Palace, Ratigan forces Hiram to operate the robotic Queen, while the real Queen is taken to be fed to Felicia, Ratigan's pet cat. The robotic Queen declares that Ratigan is to be the ruler of all Mousedom, and then Ratigan dressed in royal garb announces his tyrannical plans for his new "subjects". This an absolutely perfect cel of the villainous Professor Ratigan stepping out from behind a green curtain wearing a purple royal robe, crown, gold epaulets, medals, a gold belt with a R for Ratigan, and a sword. He is full figure, eyes open, and he has a wonderful wicked smile.