Sunday, July 24, 2016

Original Production Animation Cel of The Young Pegasus From "The Pastoral Symphony" Sequence of "Fantasia," 1940

Original hand painted and hand inked production animation cel of the Young Pegasus from "The Pastoral Symphony" sequence of "Fantasia," 1940, Walt Disney Studios; Set on an airbrushed Courvoisier background with the WDP stamp lower left; With original Courvoisier Galleries label; Size - Young Pegasus: 2 1/2 x 2 1/2", Image: 7 1/2 x 10"; Unframed.

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"The Pastoral Symphony" segment from Walt Disney's full length feature film "Fantasia," 1940 uses the 6th symphony in F, Op.68 by Ludwig van Beethoven as it's soundtrack. The symphony that Beethoven named "The Pastoral," is said to be one of the few pieces of music he ever wrote that tells a definite story. Beethoven was a great nature lover, and with this symphony he paints a musical picture of a day in the countryside. However, Walt Disney has taken Beethoven's musical score and set it as a backdrop to a fantastical mythological environment.

Close up of the Young Pegasus original production cel.

Close up of the WDP stamp.

Disney's "The Pastoral Symphony" segment of "Fantasia" utilized expert color styling in order to depict a mythical ancient Greek world of centaurs, pegasi, the Gods of Mount Olympus, fauns, cupids, and other legendary creatures of classical mythology. The segment, directed by Hamilton Luske, Jim Handley, and Ford Beebe; tells the story of mythological creatures gathering for a festival to honor Bacchus, the God of wine.

Original Courvoisier Galleries label.

The Young Black Pegasus is presumably the youngest of his siblings, and bears the most resemblance to his parents; having his father's coat color and his mother's mane, tail, and eye color. This is wonderful cel of the Young Pegasus; he is full figure, eyes and mouth open, and is placed on it's original Courvoisier airbrushed background. The Walt Disney Productions (WDP) stamp is lower left and the original Courvoisier Galleries label is included.