Saturday, November 22, 2014

"Enough, I am King, King, King!" - Prince John Production Cel from "Robin Hood," 1973

Original hand painted production cel of Prince John numbered 6 in ink lower right; Placed on a lithographic background from "Robin Hood," 1973; Unframed; Size - Prince John 7 1/4 x 5", Image 11 x 15 3/4".

Prince John is a spoiled King who will resort to any underhanded trick so that he can maintain the crown and throne of Nottingham.  He was voiced by the great and deep voiced Peter Ustinov, and he was animated by veteran Disney animator Ollie Johnston.  One of the characteristics of the Prince John is that he throws terrible temper tantrums and will resort to sucking his thumb, particularly if his mother is mentioned.  In this full figure, eyes and mouth open cel; Prince John is furious and throws a tantrum by jumping up and down screaming "Enough, I am King King King!"

Image showing full cel with production number lower right.

Close up of the Prince John cel.

To see the cel in the film, just click on the short video below: