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"Madam Medusa's Pawn Shop Bou-tique!" - Medusa cel from "The Rescuers," 1977

Original hand painted production cel of Madame Medusa from the 1977 full length animated feature film "The Rescuers" from Walt Disney Studios; Disney seal lower right;  The cel is placed on a lithographic copy of the matching watercolor background.  Framed with a brown wood frame, three mats, and UV conservation clear glass.

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When Madame Medusa is first introduced in the film "The Rescuers," she is barging into her back room of her pawn shop to answer a ringing telephone.  "Madam Medusa's Pawn Shop Bou-tique," she says.  Geraldine Page, the Oscar winning actress, provided the voice to this wonderful villain and the way that she increases her voice tone with the words pawn shop boutique is just so wonderful and extremely memorable.  In this cel, Medusa is still on the phone with her henchman Snoops and she says to him, "Give you time?  You bungler!  You have been down there for three months."

Close up of the Walt Disney seal

Early designs for Medusa were done by Ken Anderson, there were even discussions about bringing back Cruella deVil from "101 Dalmatians" as the villain; but that was eventually abandoned.  The character of Medusa was eventually created and although there are many similarities with Cruella (thin build, similar cars, appear wealthy, bad tempers, cry upon realizing that they have lost, etc.), Medusa is still quite distinct with her wild red hair, sagging breasts, green eyes, and lots and lots of makeup.  Her ultimate goal in the film is to possess the Devil's Eye, the world's largest diamond.  Milt Kahl was given the task of animating Medusa and it is known that one his inspirations was his ex-wife.  Kahl's brilliance in animation is really showcased with this character and many point to the scene where she is removing her false eyelashes as proof of his technical skill.  Still my favorite scene is this wonderful one sided phone call with Snoops in her pawn shop.

Photograph of the framed cel

To see the cel in the film, just click on the short video below:

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