Friday, April 15, 2016

Original Production Animation Drawing of The Girl Doll from "Broken Toys," 1935

Original production animation drawing of The Girl Doll from "Broken Toys," 1935; Graphite and green pencils on peg hole paper; Size - The Girl Doll on a Roller Skate: 3 1/4 x 5 1/2", Sheet 9 1/2 x 12"; Unframed.

"Broken Toys" is a Walt Disney Production Silly Symphony that was released in 1935. The film was directed by Ben Sharpsteen and written by Pinto Colvig, Otto Englander, and Larry Morey. The voice cast includes:  Sara Berner as the Girl Doll/Zasu Pitts Doll, Tommy Bupp as the Sailor Doll, Pinto Colvig as the W.C. Fields Doll, Lillian Randolph as the Mammy Doll, and Danny Webb as the Stepin Fetchit Doll.

The short opens with a trash truck dumping discarded toys into a junkyard, including a Toy Sailor Doll. The Sailor Doll encounters, in the junkyard, a large number of broken and discarded toys that that have lost all hope of ever being loved again. Refusing to give up hope, the Toy Sailor proposes they repair each other up. There are wonderful characters from the 1930's that were incorporated into toys including: Zasu Pitts, W.C. Fields, Mammy, and Stepin Fetchit. The animation from this short is exceptionally well done and memorable scenes include: the overweight Police Officer Doll giving the Zasu Pitts Doll a sawdust transfusion, the Stepin Fetchit marionette shining his head with shoe polish, and the Sailor Doll performing eye surgery on the Girl Doll; giving her a new pair of blue eyes. The Sailor and the Girl Doll begin to hold hands and fall in love. At the end of the film, all the repaired toys march to an Orphanage on their way to being loved again.

This is a wonderful original production animation drawing of the Girl Doll on a roller skate as she is being wheeled into the make shift Hospital, in order to receive her new set of bright blue eyes. Artwork from this film is rare and this is a very nice large image, from on the best scenes in the animated short. A wonderful addition to any animation collection!