Friday, April 22, 2016

Original Production Model Animation Drawing Set of Lady Tremaine (Stepmother) from "Cinderella," 1950

Original production model animation drawing set of Lady Tremaine (Stepmother) in red, green, and graphite pencils; Head, Body, Hand, and Pillow; All from "Cinderella," 1950; All with production numbers and Disney stamps; Size - Overall image size of Lady Tremaine and Pillow: 7 x 8 1/2", Sheets 10 x 12"; Unframed.

"Often, patrons would be horrified or dismayed by the behavior of a villain, but more people actually hated the Stepmother more than any other villain we ever created." - Ollie Johnson and Frank Thomas from "The Disney Villain," 1993

Eleanor Audley (TV and film actress as well as familiar radio and animation voice talent) was filmed while she was dressed and speaking as the Stepmother; and as she performed scenes outlined in the film. Those film reels were used by animator Frank Thomas to convey even more realism to the character. Although the framed images were not directly copied by the animator, they were used as reference for lifelike movements. Eleanor Audley also voiced the Stepmother and her articulation conveyed the fire and raw power of the character. She could be sharp and curt in telling Cinderella what chores to do while lying in bed and slowly stirring her cup of tea, or her voice could be calm are cruel while watching as her daughters viciously destroyed Cinderella's dress.

Close up of the Head animation drawing of Lady Tremaine (Wicked Stepmother)

Close up of the Body animation drawing of Lady Tremaine (Wicked Stepmother)

Frank Thomas did a phenomenal job of controlling the Stepmother's actions to make sure that they were were not wild and out of control; but rather calculated, cold, and precise. The story of Cinderella presented a situation where a villain lived and interacted with her victim day after day under the same roof. The actions of the Stepmother seemed even more cruel because not only were both she and Cinderella animated in a very realistic fashion, but because of the close proximity the cruelness of the villain could be seen as even more intense by the reactions on Cinderella's face. If all this were not enough, the Stepmother's arsenal of evil was compounded by her two ill mannered daughters Anastasia and Drizella; as well as Lucifer the cat, who delighted in trying to kill Cinderella's mouse friends.

Close up of the Left Hand animation drawing of Lady Tremaine (Wicked Stepmother)

Close up of the Pillow animation drawing of Lady Tremaine (Wicked Stepmother)

These is an extremely rare set of four model animation production drawings of Lady Tremaine (The Wicked Stepmother) from "Cinderella," 1950. The drawings were created by a Disney artist for reference use in the Studio's Ink and Paint Department; and refer to one of the Stepmother's best scenes in the film. Lady Tremaine is lying in bed with her cat Lucifer and telling Cinderella, in a very sharp tone, what chores she should do; all the while pouring herself a cup of tea.

To see the drawings in the film, just click on the short video below: