Saturday, January 14, 2017

Original Production Animation Drawing of Goofy from "The Art of Skiing," 1941

Original production animation drawing of Goofy from "The Art of Skiing," 1941, Walt Disney Studios; Red, green, and graphite pencil on peg hole paper; Numbered 126 1/2 with animation ladder; Size - Goofy: 6 x 6 3/4", Sheet 10 x 12"; Unframed.

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"Yaah-hoo-hoo-hooey!" - Goofy Holler

"The Art of Skiing," 1941 is an eight minute Goofy cartoon made by Walt Disney Productions and directed by Jack Kinney. It was written by Leo Thiele and Ralph Wright, with music by Charles Wolcott. The short has historical significance because it was the first cartoon to use the now famous goofy holler; as well as being the first short in the "How To" series. The "How To" shorts featured Goofy explaining, but always failing, how to do perform various activities; beginning with "How to Play Baseball" in 1942 and continuing with "How to Hook Up Your Home Theater," 2007.

Close up of the original production animation drawing of Goofy.

The plot of the short is that Goofy goes to the Sugar Bowl Ski Resort, to learn how to ski. The name of the resort can be seen in the opening frames of the cartoon, and the name was chosen because Walt Disney had an interest in the Sugar Bowl ski area because one of the peaks, Mt. Disney, at Sugar Bowl had been named after him. At the resort Goofy demonstrates the basics of downhill skiing, which the titles and narrator, voiced by John McLeish, insist is pronounced "SHEEing". However, Goofy has trouble keeping his skis parallel and pointing downhill, and the final ski jump lands him right back in bed.

Goofy had no lines in the short, however it was the first time that the famed "Goofy Holler" ("Yaah-hoo-hoo-hooey!") was used. The holler is heard as a yodel after Goofy attempts the "Shush" downhill run on a vertical slope. Hannes Schroll, a Swiss yodeler, recorded yodels for the animated short and the "Goofy Holler" got such a strong laugh from audiences, that it was included in just about every "Goofy" animated short thereafter.

Close up of the production numbers.

The premiere of "The Art of Skiing" was held at the Fairmont Hotel in San Francisco, which was hosting the Annual Skiers Ball. Walt Disney and his wife, Lillian, attended the event; and Walt introduced the cartoon to the audience.

This is a rare production animation drawing of Goofy from "The Art of Skiing." He is full figure, eyes open, wearing both skis on his feet, holding both poles, has a fun loving smile, and he is in a classic Goofy pose! A great addition to any animation art collection.