Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Original Production Animation Drawing of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy from "Moose Hunters," 1937

Original production animation drawing of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy from "Moose Hunters," 1937, Walt Disney Studios; Graphite and red pencils on peg hole paper; Numbered 65 lower right; Size - Mickey, Donald, & Goofy: 10 1/2 x 8 3/4", Sheet 10 x 12"; Unframed.

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"Moose Hunters," 1937 is an animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by United Artists. It was directed by Ben Sharpsteen with music by Paul J. Smith. The cartoon stars Mickey Mouse (voiced by Walt Disney), Donald Duck (voiced by Clarence Nash), and Goofy (voiced by Pinto Colvig) on a moose hunting expedition. 

The short begins with a female moose with blonde curled hair wading through a lake; which turns out to be Donald Duck and Goofy disguised in a moose costume and making a moose call by sounding a horn. Following close behind to the duo is Mickey Mouse walking on stillts, disguised as a shrub, carrying a shotgun, and sounding his own moose call. Goofy's horn call is answered by an actual moose, causing him and Donald to excitedly shout "A moose!" Mickey tells them to "do their stuff," meaning to lure the moose closer to him.

Close up of the original production animation drawing of Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy.

Donald and Goofy, still in their female moose costume, end up tracking a large black bull moose. After spoting their prey, an excited Donald adds some makeup and lipstick to make the costume even more attractive. Goofy adds some "deer kiss" perfume to the disguise, himself, and sprays a trail in the wind direction of the bull. The bull moose, attracted by the scent, follows it to the waiting "lady moose." A mere glance from the decoy moose is all it takes for the bull to become smitten, especially when "she" does a seductive walk for him.

When the costumed cow moose gives a "yoo-hoo," the bull moose gives a howling response which blows off the costume from Donald and Goofy. However Goofy, who still has the moose head, performs a fan dance shielded by some shrubs until he and Donald can quickly get back into the costume. Once again in disguise, the pair seductively dance with the aroused bull and succeed in getting him to follow them. Unfortunately, Donald falls and lands in some flowers containing a very angry bee. The insect follows Donald into the moose costume, making he and Goofy dance to the tune of "La Cucuracha." The bull moose kisses Goofy on the face, just as Donald tries to hit the bee. This causes the costume moose head to fly off of Goofy, luckily landing right back on him just before they could be discovered. They now try to lure the excited moose back to Mickey.

In the meantime, Mickey Mouse has been dealing with a red colored moose who has eaten off Mickey's shrub disguise. As the moose prepares to charge, he suddenly hears a flirty "yoo-hoo." Turning around, the red moose sees an attractive female moose (Goofy and Donald) trotting towards him. Smitten with the "female," the bull trots over to the costumed moose as "she" unknowingly backs up into him. While the male licks the costume's face and cozies up to "her" (despite Goofy trying to keep the antlered beast off of him). Donald tries to move the costume, only to realise he's under the moose trying to attract the "hot blonde." By now the two male moose are in a competition for the female in disguise.

Close up of the production number.

Donald and Goofy, still in the female moose costume, race up a tree as the two hoofed males prepare to fight. After the two moose sharpen their antlers, they begin to clash. The resulting body slam aftershocks cause Goofy and Donald to fall out of their costume and off of the tree branch, in which they were hanging, landing right in between the two bulls. Donald and Goofy run for their lives while the angry moose chases them. Mickey soon joins the pair as they all jump into a canoe and paddle away, ending the cartoon. 

This is a fantastic original production animation drawing of all three main characters of the film, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy drawn together on one sheet. All three characters are eyes open and the drawing has wonderful action as they paddle their canoe away from a very angry moose! This piece is of exceptional quality and would be a great addition to any Disney animation art collection.