Friday, August 21, 2015

Original Production Drawing of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse from "Puppy Love," 1933

Original production drawing of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse from "Puppy Love," 1933; Graphite, green, and red pencil on peg hole paper; Numbered 197 lower right; Size - Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse: 4 1/4 x 8 1/4", Sheet 9 1/2 x 12"; Unframed.

"Puppy Love"(released on September 2, 1933) is a black-and-white animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions and directed by Wilfred Jackson. Walt Disney is the voice of Mickey Mouse and Marcellite Garner is the voice of Minnie Mouse.

Close up of the Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse original production drawing.

The story of "Puppy Love" is that Mickey and his dog Pluto have come to call on Minnie and her dog Fifi. Mickey brings a bouquet of flowers and a heart shaped box of candy. As Mickey and Minnie begin playing the piano and singing the song "Puppy Love," Pluto and Fifi begin to flirt with each other. Pluto gives the unopened box of chocolates, that Mickey had brought to Minnie, to Fifi. When Fifi eats the chocolates, Pluto puts Fifi's bone into the empty box and returns it to the living room. When Minnie opens the candy box for the first time and reveals the bone, Minnie mistakingly thinks Mickey was playing a mean joke on her and suddenly a violent argument begins. Mickey and Pluto storm out of the house; and they along with Minnie, each vow to give up the opposite sex. But when Fifi reveals to Minnie the heart shaped box with a few left over chocolates; Minnie realizes that it was the dogs that had eaten the chocolates and then put the dog bone in the box. Mickey and Minnie, along with Pluto and Fife, reunite in the end!

Close up of the production number.

This is a great drawing of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse just as she is opening up for the first time the heart shaped box of candy that Mickey had given her. It is rare to have more than one character on an animation drawing, and this is a great pose for both Mickey and Minnie. Both are eyes and mouth open and both are full figure. The lid to the candy box has just been pulled off and you can see the paper covering the dog bone (put in by Pluto after the candy was eaten by he and Fifi) inside the box.

To view the scene which this drawing was used to create, click on the short video below: