Monday, August 24, 2015

Original Production Drawing of Pluto and Cats (Milton and Richard) from "Puss Cafe," 1950

Original production drawing of Pluto and Two Cats (Milton and Richard) from "Puss Cafe," 1950; Red, blue, and graphite pencil on peg hole paper; Numbered 372 lower right; Size - Pluto and cats: 6 3/4 x 8 1/2", Sheet 10 x 12"; Unframed.

"Puss Cafe" (released on June 9, 1950) is a Walt Disney Productions animation short film directed by Charles Nichols and written by Dick Kinney and Milt Schaffer. Pinto Colvig, most known as the voice of Goofy, was the voice actor for the film.

Close up of the Pluto, Milton, and Richard original production drawing.

The story of "Puss Cafe" is that two street alley cats named Milton and Richard think that Mickey Mouse’s backyard looks like one giant cafe; complete with bottles milk, a busy birdhouse, and a well-stocked goldfish pond. But Mickey's dog Pluto does everything he can to make sure the cats stay out.

"Puss Cafe" is titled as a Pluto cartoon and marks the first appearance of Milton the cat. In the short, he is paired with a dumb partner named Richard. Milton would go on to co-star with Pluto in several other short films, but this was Richard’s only appearance.

Close up of the production number.

This a wonderful drawing from the scene when the two cats, Milton and Richard, fall from the birdhouse into the hammock with Pluto. Chaos and confusion erupts, as the two cats and Pluto tussle in the hammock. In this drawing, Pluto has both cats in his paws; all three characters are eyes open. The three different expressions on Pluto, Milton, and Richard; as well as the movement in the drawing are just fantastic!

To view the scene which this drawing was used to create, click on the short video below: